How does PE Stretch Film achieve tight and stable packaging?

Publish Time: 2024-03-18
PE Stretch Film is a material commonly used for packaging and protection, which can achieve a tight and stable packaging effect. Here are some methods and techniques to help you achieve this effect:
Choose the appropriate film thickness: Choose the appropriate PE Stretch Film thickness according to the weight and shape of the required packaging. Thicker films generally have better strength and stretchability, providing a more secure packaging.
Control the stretch ratio: During the packaging process, it is very important to control the stretch ratio of PE Stretch Film. Moderate stretching can ensure a tight bond between the film and the packaging, but excessive stretching may cause the film to break or loosen. Generally, the recommended stretch ratio is between 20% and 70%.
Adopt alternating packaging method: Alternating packaging is an effective packaging technique that can help ensure that the PE Stretch Film covers the surface of the item evenly and tightly. By alternating directions within each layer of packaging, you prevent the film from tightening or slacking too much in one direction.
Use appropriate packaging machinery and equipment: If conditions permit, the use of professional packaging machinery and equipment can improve packaging efficiency and packaging quality. These devices are often equipped with automatic stretching functions and adjustable packaging parameters, allowing for more precise control of the packaging process.
Ensure that the packaging surface is clean and flat: Before packaging, ensuring that the packaging surface is clean and flat is also an important factor in achieving a tight packaging effect. If there are sharp protrusions or debris on the packaging surface, it may cause film damage or uneven packaging results.
Pay attention to protecting the corners of the packaging: The corners of the packaging are parts that are easily damaged and require special attention to protection. During the packaging process, ensure that the PE Stretch Film fully covers the corners and add layers appropriately to provide additional protection.
Carry out post-packaging processing: After packaging is completed, proper post-processing can ensure that the packaging effect is more stable. This includes securing or crimping the packaging edges and, if necessary, adding additional protective measures such as packaging tape or gussets.
Through the above methods and techniques, you can achieve a tight and stable packaging effect of PE Stretch Film, protect your products and ensure safety during transportation.

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