During the production process of PE Stretch Film, how to optimize the process to improve its tensile properties and self-adhesiveness?

Publish Time: 2024-04-24
In the production process of PE Stretch Film, optimizing the process is the key to improving its tensile properties and self-adhesiveness.

First of all, starting from the selection of raw materials, we should choose high-quality polyethylene materials to ensure they have excellent tensile properties and processability. In terms of the ratio of raw materials, the physical properties of PE Stretch Film can be effectively improved by accurately controlling the ratio of various additives.

Secondly, in terms of production process, we can precisely control the temperature, pressure and speed of the extruder. Properly adjusting the temperature distribution of the extruder can make the polyethylene material melt and flow better during the extrusion process, thereby improving the tensile properties of the PE Stretch Film. At the same time, by optimizing the extrusion pressure and speed, the film layer can be made more uniform and tight, and the self-adhesiveness can be enhanced.

In addition, cooling and stretching processes are also important factors affecting the performance of PE Stretch Film. During the cooling process, ensure that the film cools quickly and evenly to avoid internal stress or deformation. In the stretching stage, by precisely controlling the stretching ratio and stretching speed, the PE Stretch Film can have good self-adhesiveness while maintaining high tensile properties.

Finally, post-treatment processes such as heat treatment, corona treatment, etc. can also further improve the tensile properties and self-adhesiveness of PE Stretch Film. Heat treatment can make the molecular structure inside the film more stable and improve tensile properties; while corona treatment can increase the polarity of the film surface and improve self-adhesion.

In summary, by optimizing raw material selection, production technology, cooling stretching and post-processing processes, we can effectively improve the tensile performance and self-adhesiveness of PE Stretch Film to better meet market demand.

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