How to use and store PE Ziplock Bag correctly to extend its service life?

Publish Time: 2024-05-15
PE Ziplock Bag is widely used in packaging and storage of various items due to its good sealing and durability. In order to extend the service life of PE Ziplock Bag, we need to master the correct use and storage methods.

When using PE Ziplock Bag, you should first pay attention to selecting the appropriate size and specifications. Bags that are too large or too small may affect the sealing effect and service life. At the same time, avoid overfilling, which may subject the bag to excessive pressure and friction, thereby accelerating breakage.

Secondly, when using, you should avoid direct contact with sharp objects or hard objects to avoid scratching the bag. When sealing, make sure the bag mouth is flat and free of foreign matter, and press the sealing strip evenly to ensure the sealing effect. If the bag needs to be opened and closed frequently, you can choose a PE Ziplock Bag with a repeatable sealing function.

When storing a PE Ziplock Bag, first ensure that the inside and outside of the bag are dry and clean. Both wet and dirty conditions can cause damage to the bag. Secondly, the bag should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated place, away from direct sunlight and high temperature environments, to prevent the bag from deforming, melting or deteriorating. At the same time, avoid contact with chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and oils to avoid affecting the sealing and durability of the bag.

Finally, if the bag is damaged, worn or becomes less sticky during use, it should be replaced with a new bag in time to avoid affecting the storage and transportation safety of the items.

In short, correct use and storage methods can effectively extend the service life of PE Ziplock Bag, allowing it to better perform its packaging and storage functions.

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